Why us?

Are you looking for an enterprise offering packaging suitable for your products? Are you thinking about cooperation? You should choose us! 

There are several reasons for this:

Professionalism and experience.

As a company, we made our first steps in the industry of manufacturing plastic packaging in the 1970s. We know the ins and outs of the production process. In the period of our business activity, we have become acquainted with each new technology introduced into the market and we have chosen the most optimal solutions to work with. Many years of experience allowed us to establish a known and valued brand in the market environment.

Qualified staff is undoubtedly the foundation of Polimerpol company. Our employees are distinguished by professionalism and reliability. Thanks to their experience and knowledge they are able to carry out their tasks faultlessly, precisely and quickly. It allows for the optimization of the production process. We acquire the product in a relatively short time with exercising the highest quality possible.

Modern technologies.

As a dynamically developing company, we know how important it is to implement the newest technologies. We offer products produced by modern machines and tools, which meet the highest European standards. At our disposal, we have excellent technological resources comprising of machines which are both economical in use and environmentally friendly.

Materials and products of the finest quality.

The materials and quality of our products are yet another reason why you should choose our company. In the market environment, we are the only company to use resources made out of original plastic without any addition of cheaper equivalents. The quality of the material translates to the quality of the product. Due to that, the packagings produced by us are modern, ecological, durable and meet all the common norms and highest standards. This is authenticated by numerous ceritificates, e.g. the ones allowing our products to be used with food. Moreover, the features distinguishing our bottles are the aesthetically pleasing design and original patterns.

Focusing on the customer first and foremost.

Individual approach to each customer, listening to his expectations and meeting the highest requirements are the ideas that have been close to us ever since the beginning of our business activity. We know that a customer’s opinion is valuable, this is why we do everything for it to be the best.

You can be sure that your expectations will be treated with utmost precision if you decide to commision a product in our company. Your order will be realized precisely and quickly, and the final product will be delivered to you by us.

A case-by-case approach to our commissions is the greatest asset of our company. We will offer the best solutions or follow our customer’s idea of a new packaging design. We will answer all your questions and dispel all your doubts. We will realize your ideas, while maintaining the highest standards and competitive pricing. Why? Because meeting the customer’s satisfaction and expectations is the basic principle of our company.

Choose us!

We specified only a few reasons above why you should choose us. We are sure that if you decide to cooperate, you will find out yourself that our declarations are resembled in our real actions.


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